Friday, January 22, 2010

Jack and Gill

I should introduce the newest 4 legged members of my family. Captain Jack and GillyFlower came to live with us in late July. They have been growing and enriching our lives ever since!
Jack is a master of disaster, a mischievous little impling like you have never imagined (unless your name is Emi, and then you have Benjamin, who takes the cake). He's always into something. If it's not shredding bagels and hunting out food stashes (we can't keep the treats in anything that is not air sealed anymore), it's stealing refrigerator magnets and my jewelry (we found his stash under the Christmas tree).
Gill (pronounced "Jill") is the reason people keep cats. She is demonstrative and affectionate, will sit on your shoulder and give your head a bath or come up and stand with her front paws on your leg looking up at you with the most adorable little face.
Best thing about these little bundles of fluff is that they get along swimmingly with the most amazing pup on the planet. In the photo below you can see Jack comforting Tag, who had to wear a cone because of an eye infection.
This brings our head-count to 4 cats, 1 dog, and some fish... but I wouldn't trade it.
Stay tuned for more adventures of Jack and Gill!

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  1. What cuties! That's quite a household you have there.

    Hey, when I move this summer, I'll need to find a new home for 2 fancy goldfish and 2 bettas. Are you interested, or do you know any fish lovers who would want to adopt any of them?


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